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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

MortScript v4.3 beta 11

MortScript interprets a (quite) simple batch language. If you know .bat files in DOS or shell scripts: it's something like that.

Its focus is to remote control or launch other applications, not to write real applications. I.e., you can't do complex dialogs or graphics with it.

* Run, activate, hide, close, and kill programs
* Wait functions: certain timespan, wait for existence or activation of windows, lots of other conditions (SleepMessage).
* Send keystrokes, mouse clicks, and some window messages (OK, Cancel, Yes, and No buttons) to windows
* File operations: copy, rename/move, delete, create shortcuts, read and write text files
* Support of ZIP archives (no replacement of existing archived files)
* Read/write access to serial (COM) ports
* Create and remove directories
* Read from and write into the registry
* Open and close connections (closing no longer possible since WM5 AKU3), read files from the Internet
* Several condition and loop structures (If, Switch, Choice dialog, While, ForEach, ...)
* Lots of system features (e.g. rotation, volume, backlight brightness, soft reset, battery level, ...)
* Subroutines (Call, Sub/EndSub)
* Variables, expressions (integer operations, string contatenations, ...), and lots of integrated functions

Since V4.0 with lots of new functions and a modern syntax.
The old syntax will work, too, except for some rare exceptions.

The download contains installation and binaries for all supported systems. For the PC version, there's no setup, only binaries in bin\PC.

MortScript - change log

* Status dialog
* Additional time functions (TimeZone..., MakeTimeStamp, ...)
* Additional string functions (CharAt, RepeatString, ...)
* Additional file functions (ReadLine, DirContents, ...)
* New operators (+=, *=, ? :, ...)
* Unit parameter for memory queries
* Include Subs from other files
* Improved error handling
* Improved SendKeys
* Improved compatibility with plain WinCE devices
* And some more bugfixes, functions, performance tuning, ...

* Improved parser speed
* Improved variable handling (local variables, IsEmpty(), Clear())
* Improved array handling (multi dimensional, functions for initialization and getting size)
* Improved math (floating point support, trigonometry, rounding, constants like PI, power operator, ...)
* Improved sub routines (parameters, return values)
* Improved control structures (For loop, ElseIf, ForEach in array with index variable, Switch with strings or floating point)
* Improved file handling (Unicode and code page support, Unicode with prefix even for MortScripts themselves, write ini entries)
* Improved compatibility for PNAs (toolhelp.dll only loaded when required)
* Improved dialogs (selection for files and directories, small facelifts, selectable fonts)
* Several other new functions, like Replace (for strings), getting window positions and screen size, ...
* Some bugfixes

* Versions for PC, Smartphone, and PNA
* All new syntax ("Function( expr., expr., expr. )" instead of "Function string, {expr.}, %variable%", variables without %, ...)
* Functions in expressions, many old conditions/commands also available as functions
* Support of ZIP files and COM ports
* Several new system functions (battery level, screen on/off, notifications, ...)
* Some bugfixes

* Renamed to MortScript, new extension .mscr
* Multiline statements (with "")
* Expressions as parameters (with "{ expression }")
* Simplified "If expression" with parentheses or braces
* ^CR^, ^LF^, and ^TAB^ for quoted strings
* ForEach loops
* Switch conditions
* Read and write text files (IniRead, ReadFile, WriteFile)
* Download files from internet (Download, IniRead, ReadFile)
* Overwrite parameter for XCopy, Copy, Move, and Rename
* Other new commands: RegDeleteKey, Input, SleepMessage, GetVersion
* GetSystemPath, GetColorAt, GetRGB, GetWindowText

* Variables
* Expressions
* Subroutines
* Some new comparsion possibilities
* Retrieve values from the Registry or the current time
* Checking for and killing running applications
* Avoid/postpone auto power off (IdleTimerReset)

* Bugfix: Error message for Delete was shown on successfull deletion
* Choice selection: First entry is preselected, bigger buttons

* New tool: Autorun.exe
* Choice selection
* New condition "regKeyExists"
* Optional title for Message and If question
* New commands: MouseDblClick, CreateShortcut, Rotate, SetBacklight, SetVolume, Reset, Exit

* Improved error handling (error messages, abort on errors, ErrorLevel command)
* Enabled If conditions and While loops
* Added "Message", "MkDir", and "RmDir" commands
* "Run" supports parameters
* Fixed the problem with menus (If MouseClick opened a menu, the script wasn't continued until the menu was closed manually)

* Added "New" command

* XCopy, Move, and wildcards for Delete
* Added RegDelete
* Copy doesn't overwrite no more (use Delete before if necessary!)

* Repeat loops
* Hint when started without parameters

* Mouse clicks
* File operations
* Write in registry
* More Send commands (SendKeys, direction pad, Home/End)
* Improved parser (optionally space instead of "=", parameters in quotes)

* added Close

* added SendSpace

* added SendTab, SendEsc, Snapshot
* Modified icon for .mortrun files

* added WaitFor/WaitForActive

* added SendCR
* Bugfix at registration of ".mortrun"

* First version

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