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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Little Snazzy Drummer 2010

Turn your device into a drum machine.

You might not realize it, but mobile phones can make for great musical accompaniments for any tracks you might be producing. I'm not talking about sampling ringtones here, but rather using your device as a digital drum machine.

Little Snazzy Drummer is designed to let you do just that, allowing you to build drum loops and play them through your device. Once you've installed the cab file you can start playing around with beats by clicking on the 'Edit' option. Here you'll find different drum tracks which, when put together, will form your loop or be used as a metronome to keep you in time.

The drum tracks comprise of Bass, Snare, Closed hat, Open hat, Rim shot and others drum sounds. Each track in the sequence has its own timeline where you can set the intervals at which each will sound, simply by checking or unchecking the boxes that run across the track.

The track plays while you're editing, allowing you to easily preview the changes live and tinker with each track to keep the beat.

- Pocket PC Windows Mobile 2003
Pocket PC Windows Mobile 2003SE
- Pocket PC Windows Mobile 5.0

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