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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ALC 2010 v 1.5

Alarm-Clock-Timer-Lullaby-Quotes in ONE !

The advanced alarm is designed for Windows Mobile devices (Smartphone, Pocket PC) with different resolution of displays. The Alarm offers you a wide range of settings, easy and quick possibility of setting the alarm. You can set more active alarms at once, each of them can be of different type, one-off, every-day, weekend, weekly, hourly or working days. Each alarm can be associated with different actions like showing a picture and play a favourite or random song(s), displaying a text note, random or custom quotation, voice announcing of current time, etc... You can use your finger to control the program on touch devices (touch flow).

- play a favourite or random song(s), saying actual time, custom and auto snooze repeatedly, vibrating, customize alarm time length, plugins for flight mode, file execution, power management and others

- displaying time in different styles with background picture either in classic analog style or digital style, monthly or weekly calendar with customizable background picture, current time and day, name of the day, number of elapsed days in the year and the number of remaining day

- simple timer with predefined or user defined length, which can be used e.g.: when cooking, etc.

- plays selected song or a set of randomly chosen songs in predefined intervals and then turns off the device

- random or custom quotes by category, quote to calendar

* Smartphone WM 5.0
* Smartphone WM 6.0

More information:
ALC 2010


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