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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

CellMapper v0.4.4 beta

CellMapper is a Windows Mobile 6.x application (standard edition compatible) which is used to help map the extent of cell phone towers coverage.

The program records the location, using built-in GPS, and the cell phone tower signal and information at that location. It is able to both upload the information directly to the database or generate a CSV file in order to be uploaded later (for those that do not have a data plan).

To use, simply run the program from the start menu. It will create a folder called "CellMapper" under your My Documents folder and will store all the information in there. You can then upload those files to this site.
To enable direct uploading, click Menu and select "Upload Directly." A new line will appear on the main screen giving you updates. Please note: you may receive error messages for the first upload attempt if you do not have an active data connection.


Changes for 0.4.4
* Made the program work on Windows Mobile Professional devices when in unattended mode (i.e screen off). This may cause the backlight to come on/off from time to time
* New icon

Changes for 0.4.3
* Now displaying BSIC and ShortCID instead of the full CID on 3G UMTS networks that use it
* Made fonts a bit smaller to fit more information (tested on a small screen and still quite readable)
* Now displaying both ASU and dBm for signal level
* Increased mandatory GPS satellite lock count to 4 to improve accuracy (some results are over 1000 km off when using 2-3 only)

Changes for 0.4.2
* Added settings dialog to change upload/recording interval
* Fixed an issue of invalid CSV files being generated by some phones in Europe
* Added options to change upload/record interval
* Added option to display metric/imperial units
* Made the upload much more reliable, with retries if the upload fails

Changes for 0.4.1
- Fixed the issues of CDMA phones not reporting the proper country/provider code
- Force GPS is now selected by default. This is due to most devices turning off the GPS once your screen dims.

Changes for 0.4
- Direct uploading now works from the device (only if you choose to enable it)
- New CSV file format to log more information (like altitude, system type)

Changes for 0.3
- Force GPS now an option (to be used on devices that don't follow power management standards and disable the GPS once the backlight is off)
- Data is recorded at 5 second intervals when moving. No data is recorded when not moving
- Interface is now a bit cleaner with only useful information

To install, simply run the cab file once it in on your device. It will show up under the start menu once installed.
For older versions, you can copy the two files to your phone to directory.

* Smartphone Windows Mobile 2003
* Smartphone Windows Mobile 5.0
* Smartphone Windows Mobile 6.0

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