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Thursday, March 17, 2011

bliinGPSXS v1.3 (for Smartphone - No Touch Screen)

bliinGPSXS is free and easy applet that sends your GPS-location to bliin.

Once installed and running it enables seamless - Live! - positioning and frees you of manually entering your location. If you have a GPS embedded handset or a bluetooth enabled external GPS-puck feel free to download bliinGPSXS.

* Pocket PC WM 2003
* Pocket PC WM 5.0
* Pocket PC WM 6.0

More information:

* bliinGPSXS for PocketPC 2002
* bliinGPSXS for Windows Mobile 5 Professional
* bliinGPSXS for Windows Mobile 6 Professional

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