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Thursday, March 10, 2011

MobileSync Pro v1.1

Sync, Share, Backup, and Protect your Mobile data.

MobileSync Pro lets you Sync between all your mobiles and the MobileSync Pro server that acts as the central repository.

MobileSync Pro backs up data including Messages and Emails from the mobile phone whenever Sync is initiated to your personalized free online cloud storage. It also stores it in the central MobileSync Pro server to ensure your data is safe and available to all your mobile phones whenever you need.

Lost or Stolen Mobile? Don't panic! You can now Track Geo location of your lost or stolen Mobile Phone.

Do you own one or more mobile phones from these mobile platforms Android, BlackBerry, iPhone or Windows Mobile? Want to Sync between them effortlessly? MobileSync Pro is your answer!

MobileSync Pro is Reliable, Efficient, Intuitive, Powerful and Easy to use and will be your only needed Mobile Sync Companion for years to come.

Mobile platforms Android, BlackBerry, iPhone or Windows Mobile

More information:
MobileSync Pro


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