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Saturday, May 2, 2009

MapWelt v0.4.1

MapWelt is a "moving map" program. It can read a GPS signal and display the position on a map.

* Shows the position on the map, and the direction of travel.
* Measures speed and travelled distance.
* Shows the position of the sun and the moon, useful for navigating without a compass.
* Can load waypoints, routes and tracks in GPX format.
* Can load big images (in JPG GIF or TIF format) after conversion to a tiled format.
* Can automatically load another map if you have moved out of the map, or if a better (higher resolution) map is available.
* Keeps a track record
* Can give play sounds for navigation directions.
* Can play sounds when approaching waypoints (for instance speed camera's).
* Unlimited amounts of waypoints/routes/tracks

New Features in Version 0.4.1
* Added windows mobile specific settings for turning off display (power saving), bluetooth, hotkey and keeping the pda 'allways on'

New Features in Version 0.4
* Syncing files with tracks (for instance images)
* Improved connection to gps over com port.
* View Satelite data
* View Track statistics (distance/speed)
* Extended map's to incorporate waypoints/routes/tracks and images, sounds and html pages to allow creation of guided tours
* Online or offline use of openstreets map
* Easily translatable to other languages

MapWelt installation

The program is written to be used with a pocketpc/smartphone and windows mobile. It also runs on windows/linux, and should run on other systems where tcl/tk is available (not extensively tested). On pocketpc/smartphones, it will at present only run with Evolane's distribution of Tcl/Tk (etcl). On other systems it should also run with other tcl/tk distributions. The program is supplied as etk-kit, which is a zip file wich has etk as extension. It contains all required scripts, libraries and required data. When installed, the program is setup to load a demo map, and read GPS data from an included file, so that if you switch on the GPS, a small demo follows. How to setup your real GPS device is described here. There are no separate versions of MapWelt for pocketpc/smartphone/windows or linux. They all use the same mapwelt.etk file. The etcl executable however is different for the different systems.

PocketPC / Smart Phone
First you need to get etcl for pocketpc or smartphone, which is available from Evolane. You'll need the full version. The MapWelt program is supplied as an etk-kit. For the MapWelt program there is no installer, so you need to copy the files to your pocketpc. Depending on how you installed etcl, you may need to associate etk files with the etcl executable. To do this, start the etcl program, and select options|associate from the menu, and select .etk in the window, and press ok. Leave etcl with File|Exit
Next go to the mapwelt directory, and doubleclick the mapwelt.etk file, and the program should start.
The mapwelt program is here. The program to make your own maps is here. Making maps, and calibrating these is much easier on a regular computer, so you probably also want to install etcl on windows or linux.

The present version: 0.4.1 updated :20080706 This version will only work with tcl8.5 versions (etcl versions 1.0-rc25 and up)

* Smartphone Windows Mobile
* Evolane eTcl

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