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Sunday, March 8, 2009

ETcl v1.0.1

Evolane maintains and distributes eTcl , a flexible, light-weight runtime environment, available for Linux, Windows and now Windows Mobile (PocketPC and Smartphone, edition 2003, 2003SE, 5.x and 6.x).

eTcl brings the power, productivity and flexibility of the Tcl programming language to desktop and mobile platforms. Thanks to eTcl, developping cross-platform applications has never been so easy.

eTcl provides the abstraction level to allow you to focus on your code, not on the underlying operating system specificities. Sockets, menus, high-level widgets, powerful theme engine, image handling are just bricks you can plug together to build complex and cross-platform applications in less lines of code. eTcl enable rapid application development and prototyping for mobile devices.

Evolane has also developped a large range of applications and libraries, which can run inside eTcl framework, on all supported platforms:

* Evotcl and Evotk are large collections of high-level packages to the Tcl language. Those modules offer a portable alternative to other solutions based on native libraries. They are made of components which can assembled to let you build quickly and easily portable applications, in a very large set of domains.
* Pixane is a library for image handling and transformation. It supports a large number of formats in both reading and writing modes. Pixane has been designed to be used from a dynamic language like Tcl. It makes possible and easy to generate and transform images in scripts, and is especially useful for web developers, since it can be called as CGI.
* Scene module provides a 3D scene renderer widget. Scene widgets implement a state machine, based on the OpenGL API.

- Smartphone Windows Mobile 2003
- Smartphone Windows Mobile 2003 SE
- Smartphone Windows Mobile 5.0
- Smartphone Windows Mobile 6.0

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