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Sunday, March 8, 2009

QuadSMS v1.04

This utility will automatically do a address book look up to retrieve the First Name of the caller. This feature is independant and will work with any service provider.

There appears to be a bug with Windows Mobile 5 & 6 where when you receive a SMS notification regarding missed calls, the date gets highlighted instead of the phone number. This highlight is to allow you to click and call the number directly from the SMS. Because of this bug, users have to switch back and forth from SMS to contact window just to see who the number belongs to in the address book. This bug is caused by Window's Mobile and not Maxis, but because Maxis formats their message in a particular way, the bug appears. If you would like to know the details of the bug, please contact me.

This bug is probably not only specific to Maxis, but depends on the format of the notification, thus other providers may encounter the same problem too. If you are not affected by this bug, this fix will ignore and you won't notice any changes. The phone numbers will still get automatically resolve to contact number.

* Windows Mobile Smartphone 5.0
* Windows Mobile Standard 6.0

More information:

Download QuadSMS for WM5 here . PocketPC/Smartphone.
Download QuadSMS for WM6 here . Standard/Professional.

** If you had installed any previous versions before, you have to uninstall first before reinstalling the new version.**
** You can determine the version from the Settings->Remove Programs window.

Installation - Run the .cab file and reboot/reset. No settings required.

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