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Friday, May 1, 2009

Total Commander v2.52 Beta 1

Total Commander is a file manager for Windows Mobile Smartphone.

Main features:
* Use phone keys as hotkeys
* Copy, Move whole subdirs
* Inplace rename, create dirs
* Delete (no recycle bin)
* Zip and unzip
* properties dialog, change attributes
* built-in text editor
* search function (also for text)
* select/unselect groups of files
* Select with [Sel] button (not on all devices)
* FTP client
* Registry editor
* Send/Receive via Infrared (OBEX)
* brief, full and large icons mode
* single or two file window mode
* option to hide all files in ROM
* directory hotlist as in Total Commander
* directory history through dropdown list
* tree view
* configurable button bar
* simple help function
* Supported languages: English, German, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Swedish


What's new in 2.52 beta 1 (Jan 15, 2009):
15.01.09 Release 2.52 beta 1 public beta test
08.01.09 Release 2.52 beta 1
30.12.08 Added: Secure ftp over ssl via external cecmdssl.dll
22.12.08 Added: Cursor keys select files when Ctl button in button bar is pressed
22.12.08 Added: Added: use '.' key on devices with keyboard (e.g. Palm Treo) to swap panels, since they have no Tab key
22.12.08 Fixed: On devices with very large icons, the icon and file name in "properties" could overlap
22.12.08 Fixed: WM6: Hardware buttons for left/right menu not handled correctly -> use WM_EXITMENULOOP to detect closed menu
22.12.08 Fixed: Could not unpack file from zip several levels deep if dirs not stored too, e.g. test1\test2\test3\test.txt
22.12.08 Added: Support for hardware left/right menu buttons also in text editor (WM5/6)
22.12.08 Fixed: OK/Cancel buttons were not removed on square screen devices in properties dialog
22.12.08 Fixed: Context menu with Tap&Hold not working properly on WM6 devices
10.11.08 Fixed: Show error when user tries to copy a directory into itself, or its own subdir, via Copy+Paste
10.11.08 Added: Disable options "Send via bluetooth" and "Send via IRDA" in main menu when nothing selected, or when in plugin or archive
06.10.08 Added: "Send via Bluetooth" now also supports Broadcom/Widcomm stack on Windows Mobile 2003 or newer

What's new in 2.51 (July 31, 2008):
* Support for ZIP encryption, both ZIP 2.0 and AES (advanced encryption standard)

What's new in 2.5 (April 24. 2008)
* Windows installer now supports Windows Vista
* Let the user choose smaller icon sizes: 8x8,12x12,16x16 pixels on QVGA devices, 16x16,24x24,32x32 on VGA

What's new in 2.0 (June 21, 2005):
* This is the first release for Windows Smartphone!

* A Windows Smartphone (NOT a PocketPC phone!). This is a phone without a touchscreen!
* The phone must be unlocked! TC for smartphone is not signed for now (very expensive).
See coolspmartphone and msmobiles for unlocking instructions!
* Supported are Smartphone 2002 and Smartphone 2003, and Windows Mobile 5/6 based
* The supported processors are: ARM, XSCALE, TI OMAP
* A Windows PC with installed ActiveSync 3.x (for installing from a Mac, see below)
* A version for the PocketPC/PocketPC phone is available separately
* This program does NOT work on a Palm, CliƩ, Epoc or Symbian system!

More information:
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