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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Updating Windows Mobile devices for the new Daylight Saving Time

Observance of "Daylight Saving Time" and "Summer Time," or the shifting of clocks by one hour, does not occur uniformly in the world. Some countries and territories follow a set of standard rules for the start and end dates of Daylight Saving Time while others follow their own calendar. You can find more information about exact dates and the potential impact to your time zones in the Changes in Windows Mobile Daylight Saving Time section.

If your device is affected, these changes could cause clocks and Microsoft Outlook calendar appointments on Windows Mobile devices to display incorrect times. To make sure your appointments on your Windows Mobile devices are accurate, you'll need to update your device. If you regularly synchronize your device with your PC, you'll need to update Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Outlook as well.

We have some tools that will help you make these updates:
* Time Zone Update for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
* Outlook Time Zone Update Tool
* Daylight Saving Time Update Tool for Windows Mobile
* Exchange Time Zone Data Update Tool

Note: All users in impacted time zones should immediately install these updates. Users in other countries should install these updates if they travel to these countries or if they make calendar appointments that include attendees who are based in these countries.


Please follow all steps below completely and in order. And be sure to complete all steps.

Follow only one set of instructions below, depending on whether you synchronize your device to a PC:
* If you connect your device directly to a PC with a USB cable or cradle, follow the instructions for Windows Mobile users who connect to a PC to synchronize.
* If do not synchronize your device or phone with your PC or you only synchronize your phone or device wirelessly with a Microsoft Exchange Server or other e-mail and calendar systems, follow the instructions for Windows Mobile users who do not connect to their PCs

- Smartphone Windows Mobile 5.0
- Smartphone Windows Mobile 6.0

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