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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Upvise Mobile RSS News Reader

Sitting in another useless meeting? Just pick up your phone and start reading the latest news feeds on the spot. With the Upvise RSS News app, you can add your favorite RSS feeds from your web account and download them instantly on your mobile. You can also bookmark any interesting article to your list of favorites.

* Add RSS Feeds from your web account: If you've ever tried a RSS news reader on your phone, you probably found that typing the URL of the feed on your numeric keypad was a major pain. With Upvise, you can copy and paste your favorite news feed URL into your web account, and start reading it on your mobile.
* Full Text Article Extraction: RSS headlines are nice to read but they do not give you the full article. This can be very frustrating. Upvise gives you the full text article, thanks to smart text extraction technology. Simply click on the More link at the end of the headline and read the entire article on your phone.
* My Articles: Star an interesting article to save it to your list of favorite articles. Your article list is automatically synced with your web account at
* Optimal reading experience : Choose between 3 different font sizes, and page by page scrolling for optimal reading experience
* Bandwidth optimization : RSS feeds are compressed in order to optimize the bandwidth when downloaded to your mobile phone
* Convenient right-click navigation allows you to browse quickly from one article to the next.

- Smarpthone Windows Mobile 2003
- Smarpthone Windows Mobile 5.0

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