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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pocket Podcasts

"... Pocket Podcasts gives [Windows Mobile] a free podcatcher that, unlike many projects in this category, runs stably and offers a well-featured interface." - (Translation)

A Podcast Client For Windows Mobile

In about one year, podcasts have transformed from a virtually unknown type of media to a common, widely used method of listening to radio and TV broadcasts. Podcasts can be played on mobile devices, but software to support this needs improvement. In particular, existing podcast software for Windows Mobile-based devices is extremely limited.

Pocket Podcasts solves this problem, bringing a complete podcast client to Windows Mobile devices. Pocket Podcasts enables you to search, subscribe, and play back podcasts, all from your Pocket PC or Smartphone.

- Podcast RSS Reading - Download over WiFi, etc.
- Video and Audio Podcast Support
- 'Pretty' Podcast Details: HTML Episode Detail View
- Desktop Component for When You're At Home
- Open Source, Community Supported

- Smartphone Windows Mobile 5.0
- Microsoft .Net Compact Framework 2.0

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