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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

AppCloser v0.1 for Smartphone

AppCloser is a light-weight, free utility for Windows Mobile 5 Smart Phones. Although designed for the HTC s620 and compatible phones, it should run on a variety of devices including Windows Mobile 6 phones.

Essentially, every time the user returns to the home screen, the utility closes all programs in a set list to help free up memory. It does this transparently to the user. AppCloser attempts to close an application and if it does not respond, it forcibly terminates it.

Once installed (see below), start AppCloser from the file explorer. Then press the home key to return to the home screen . AppCloser is now running on your phone.

AppCloser is a native executable that, for the time being, can only be installed on a fully application unlocked phone , in the directory “\Program Files\AppCloser”. Installing it anywhere else will not work.
There is no installation program, so it, together with its configuration file, must be copied to the phone manually using ActiveSync. Furthermore, it must be started from the file explorer.

The program can be closed by selecting “Ok” from the application’s menu.

- Smartphone Windows Mobile 5.0

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