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Monday, August 20, 2007

btCrawler v1.1.0 Beta for Smartphone

In short btCrawler is a simple bluetooth scanner for Windows Mobile based devices.

It scans for other visible devices in range and can perform a service query. You can also query for services of your own device and do some selfdiagnostic stuff. In the device list: COD means "Class of Device" (see bluetooth specification for more info). In the output window, when the sdp services are listed, "ChId" means Channel ID, which is the RFCOMM Channel the service is listening on. It supports both, landscape and portrait screens. As of version 1.0 bluejacking and bluesnarfing is supported.

Usage for Smartphones:
- Start with Menu->Scan
- Press the ACTION Key to get a List of detected devices and choose one
- Select Menu->SDP
- Use the joystick buttons to scroll the results and get back to the device list

Changes in v1.1.0 beta:
- Added Bluesnarfing for Smartphones...
- Added Logging (Logfile goes to \My Documents\btc-devicelog.txt)
- Added File Open Dialog to the Transfer Page
- Added an options dialog (in main screen press menu->options)
- Added bluetab exploit (to activate create a dword with the name "ISC-Sploits" and a value of "1" under HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Bluetooth\Mode) Then you will have a new Button in the main screen. There you can active the bluetab sploit. (Reference: Google for Qnix and bluetab) BE RESPONSIBLE!!!
- This is a beta release. Some things may work, others not...If you find a bug, please send me an email.

- MS Bluetooth Stack (WIDCOMM / Broadcom ist NOT supported)
- Works on: Smartphone 2003, Smartphone 2003SE and Smartphone with WM5

More information:

CAB File
ZIP File

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