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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pocket GNU Go v2.6.5

Pocket GNU Go is a GNU Go player for Windows mobile devices, including Pocket PC and Smartphone.

Pocket GNU Go was initiallly created by Ivan Davtchev from Harvard University based on GNU Go 1.2, developed by Man Li and others. Later Alex Seewald from the Austrian AI Research Institute upgraded it to a more advanced AI, using GNU Go 2.6. Ivan Davtchev added multithread capabilities and upgraded it to GNU Go 2.6.2. To further separate the backend GNU Go engine and front end user interface development, Sidney Liu from Vieka joined Pocket GNU Go project and also looked over the maintainence, support and promotion responsibilities.

The plan for front end is to include SGF viewer, editor, and recorder functionalities, or maybe a better graphics. And the objective for backend is to port GNU Go 3.2 engine to Pocket PC, enable GTP protocol communication in Pocket PC, and if possible, separate out the pattern database so the whole GNU Go engine is less resource hungry, more flexible and extensible. Adding multiplayer capabilities is also relatively easier.

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