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Friday, July 27, 2007

Plusmo v1.32 for Smartphone

Plusmo is a free "offline" web browser and RSS reader for your phone. If you're tired of waiting while browsing the web on your phone, try Plusmo.

Plusmo channels content from web sites in advance so you can read it instantly anytime, anywhere. There is no waiting since all the information is downloaded and locally stored on the device.

There are also a number of cool "gadgets" that you can setup - these are mini applications you may find useful on your phone to find cheap gas nearby or locate the nearest Starbucks.

Best of all, Plusmo is completely FREE!

What can you do with Plusmo?
* Channels: Your favorite content delivered to you. Read the day’s news in pictures, view cartoons, catch up on your favorite gadget blog, get your dose on celebrity gossip, keep up with your local sports team, read movie reviews and lots more.
* Gadgets: These are little utilities that you can personalize like traffic reports, weather, locate cheap gas nearby, find the nearest Starbucks, local events, movie reviews, search classifieds, search eBay and more.
* Create your own: If you don’t find a channel, quickly create one at Plusmo and share it with every one. All channels are user created. It’s fast and easy.

* Offline Browsing. Even when there’s no signal, your content is cached and available on your mobile device.
* Friendly user Interface. An easy-launch icon grid of your personal gadgets.
* Cool image slider. Browse your favorite content in pictures (cartoons, blog posts, pictures from Flickr).
* Built-in RSS reader. Built-in XHTML-browser and RSS reader with optimized content delivery.
* Periodic Synchronization. Let the web come to you - setup a daily or a weekly update schedule. Browsing is local and fast.
* Advanced Bandwidth Settings. Low, Medium, High and Custom settings to control the amount of content and image sizes.

* From your Windows Smartphone: Open Pocket IE and visit to download Plusmo over-the-air and install.
* From the web: Visit and register - we'll send an email to your Windows Smartphone with an over-the-air install link.

Download WM2003
Download WM5

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