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Friday, July 27, 2007

Windows Mobile 5.0 for Smartphone Typhoon, Amadeus, and Feeler

Upgrade Smartphone HTC Typhoon, Amadeus, and Feeler (Windows Mobile 2003 SE) to Windows Mobile 5.0


Before flashing WM5 your phone must have SuperCID and SPL v1.01.0109

SuperCID (courtesy of

You need an alive Internet connection from the computer. Your smartphone must be application unlocked and activesynced with the computer.

* Download the last version of SPV-Service client from here.
* Extract all the files from archive to some folder on the PC and run SPVServices.exe (press OK on the phone when it ask to install TyphoonNBFTools.dll).
* Click 'CID Tool (Alpha)' on the left and press [Set CID = 11111111] on the right. Wait untill it's done.

SPL 1.01.0109

Your smartphone must be activesynced with the computer.

* Download from here.
* Extract all the files to some folder on the PC and run Patched_RUU.exe.
* Follow the instructions and it will flash SPL 1.01.0109 to your phone.


* Download proper .zip file from Downloads.
* Unzip wm5xxxxx.bin file from archive to C:\ and rename it to wm5.bin.
* Disable USB connections in ActiveSync Connection Settings.
* Turn off the phone and disconnect USB.
* Press Camera button and holding it insert USB connector (or holding Camera button press Power button for 1-2 seconds).
* When "Need an UI (0)?" appears on the screen press [0] immediately. You will see tricolor screen, in the blue zone there will be "Typhoon IU" message, if you see "Typhoon XIP" you were late to press [0], start from beginning.
* Run mtty1.42.exe from archive, choose [USB], press Enter and you will see a prompt.
* Type "l c:\wm5.bin" without quotes and press Enter.
* Wait untill the phone flashed and the prompt appeared again, type "ResetDevice" and press Enter to restart the phone or just turn the phone off and on.

You can see Rownsens' site for more information:
- Tutorial
- Download File
- Tips
- etc

More information:

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