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Friday, July 27, 2007

John Cody’s SkweezeIt!

Do you dread clicking on a link in your email or RSS reader because you know how painful it will be to load that full-size page into Pocket Internet Explorer?

History: I created this app because I was tired of reading the brief summaries often found in RSS feeds. To read the full details of a story, you often have to click the "Read More Online..." link at the bottom of the RSS summary, but these links often point to a full-size webpage which can be painful to load into Pocket Internet Explorer.

What It Does: Basically, this app intercepts most attempts to launch Pocket Internet Explorer from another app (like from an email message or an RSS reader), and instead will prompt you with "Skweeze it?". If you say no, then Internet Explorer will launch normally to the passed URL. But, if you say "Yes", then it will automatically filter the passed URL through so the webpage will load quicker.

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