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Friday, June 22, 2007

Smoresoft Sudoku v1.1.0.3

Smartphone sudoku free game with alot of puzzle packs and more.

* Clean and legible graphics
* Support for any screen size (including QVGA)
* Optimized for single-handed use
* Auto-save and load game state
* Pencil marks with multiple styles
* Auto-pencil marks
* New! Auto-play singles
* New! Bookmark
* Full-screen mode (good for square screens)
* Undo/Redo
* Highlighter
* Play the built-in sample puzzles
* Download additional puzzle packs
* Enter your own puzzles
* Display puzzle statistics, and more!

Here are some Tips fot better playing :)
* Click the joystick button to toggle between pen and pencil mode.
* When in pencil mode, hold down a number key to enter that number as a pen mark. This saves the steps of having to toggle to pen mode and back.
* Press the Back key to undo your last move.
* Press the '*' key to toggle highlight mode. When in highlight mode, press a number key to highlight all cells containing candidates (pencil marks) with the value of the key pressed.

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