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Friday, June 22, 2007

iMenu v0.1b

For Voyager (SPVe200, QTek8080, SAP2) users who don't have Xbar2 (which is not a freeware) but want to do Copy/Paste functions then this little app is for you. This app uses maxh2003's Copy/Paste utilities and RCraswell quickreset app.

For SP2002 (SPVe100, QTek707, SAP1) users who want to take advantage of Restart/Quick Shutdown functions.

How To Use:
- Half-press power button to launch iMenu
- Press Back key to Close (in case you dont need to press any defined key)
- You can also change the image (see \Storage\Program Files\iMenu\bg.bmp or \IPSM\Program Files\iMenu\bg.bmp)

1 - Copy
2 - Paste
3 - Launch Quick List (default app)
4 - Calculator
5 - Restart
6 - Shutdown

Note: I didn't include eVB Runtimes in this app. You need to have any eVB app installed like RJV RegTweaks, etc. for this to run.


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