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Friday, June 22, 2007

BEIKS Insurance Dictionary

The free Insurance Dictionary for Windows Mobile® smartphones provides broad coverage of the terminology employed in insurance, including legal and financial terms likely to be used in everyday insurance activities.

It is an indispensable guide to practitioners in insurance seeking a quick introduction to, or revision of a topic. Business advisers and other non-specialists will also find it helpful as a starting point on insurance problems.

Based on the mobile industry standard BEIKS Dictionary Reader, this product is specially optimized for one-hand operation, minimal memory requirements and optimal access speed. It can be installed on either main memory or on an extension media card and once installed does NOT require or utilize network connection.

The free insurance dictionary contains around 520 insurance and insurance related terms, abbreviations and special terms.

* Based on the mobile industry standard BEIKS dictionary program BDicty Dictionary covering all major mobile platforms (Palm OS®, Windows Mobile® / Pocket PC®, Linux / Sharp Zaurus®)
* Explanations of over 520 English Insurance Terms
* Expandable with other BEIKS dictionaries and phrase books for Windows Smartphone®
* Optimized for Widows smartphones one-hand operation
* Quick input for Windows Smartphone via virtual keyboard panel
* Dictionary browsing with fast word positioning
* Installable in the main handset memory or on a media card
* Excellent data compression
* Free software updates*
* Download availability online
* Built-in help documentation

More information:

Download .cab
Download .exe

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