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Friday, December 25, 2009

SlidingAlbums v1.1 Sliding Panel plugin

This small app (or maybe plugin?) is developed for everyone, who like to have a fast access to music albums stored on the memory card.

Instead of launching a player, browsing it's library for an album and playing it, you can play any album directly from the Sliding Panel.

But there's one important thing - albums must be stored in a special way:

Storage Card\Music\Artist\Album\xx musicfile.mp3

On the storage card you must have a folder called "Music", in there, you must have folders named by an artist, in every 'artist' folder add their album folders and in each album store mp3 files (or ogg, wma, wav).

* Smartphone Windows Mobile 6.1
* Smartphone Windows Mobile 6.5
* .NET CF 3.5
* Unlocked device (with SDA Application Unlock, or any similar app)

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