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Saturday, December 26, 2009

BeyondPod v3.1.1

BeyondPod is a free, open source, RSS feed reader and podcast manager (podcatcher) for Microsoft Smartphone and Pocket PC.

Using BeyondPod you can subscribe for RSS feeds, read the feed content, download and listen to associated podcasts (enclosures) directly on your mobile device.
BeyondPod also provides a convenient way to play downloaded podcasts using a built in media player with features like configurable "TiVo style" commercial skip, tracking of played time, easy cleanup of played podcasts and many others.

Watch a short Youtube demo

* One application for all your RSS needs. You can subscribe to RSS feeds, read the content, download and play podcasts – all in a single application.
* Supports Atom, RSS 2.0 ad OPML feeds. Feeds can be read even while you are offline.
* Sophisticated podcast download engine gives you complete control of how many podcasts to download and how long to keep the old versions. Updates and podcast downloads are executed in the background while you read the feed content.
* Integrated podcast player tracks automatically what podcasts you have listened to. (You can also configure BeyondPod to use an external media player).
* You can schedule feed updates and podcast downloads daily at given time
* Supports both importing and exporting of OPML files. You can also subscribe to online OPML feeds the same way you subscribe to RSS/Atom feeds.
* Integration with Google Reader allows you to easily to sync your Reader subscriptions.
* Feeds can be assigned to various categories (News, Sports, Technology etc.). You can quickly filter your feed list based on a category.
* Up to 2 categories can be assigned to a feed (for example Favorite and News) so you can quickly view (and update) only your "favorite" feeds across all categories.
* BeyondPod gives you full control over what is being downloaded over your data connection. You can update a single feed, all feeds in a given category, or all feeds. You can download a single podcast, the latest podcasts or all podcasts for a given feed. Nothing happens without your knowledge.
* You can create "virtual" feeds based on a content of a local folder (for example if you listen to audio books)
* Works on both devices with and without a touch screen. Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices are supported. (BeyondPod requires .NET Compact Framework 2 or 3.5.)
* BeyondPod is community supported. It is absolutely free! No Registration! No Ads! Source code is freely available!

How do you use BeyondPod?
Download the BeyondPod CAB file directly to your device and run it. Start BeyondPod and add the RSS feeds that you like (there will be a couple of feeds already to get you started). Once the feed is added, you can view the content of each feed directly in the built in web browser. If the feed has podcasts (enclosures), BeyondPod will let you download any podcasts directly to your device. Downloaded podcasts can be played on the built in podcast player (currently based on Windows Media player).
You can also use an external podcast catcher to download the podcasts on a PC and later “push” them to your device using ActiveSync. BeyondPod will recognize and manage pushed podcasts as if they were downloaded directly to the mobile device. The Documentation page will have more information about the various features of BeyondPod. Also check the Resources page for additional RSS resources and helpful tips. A comprehensive list of all features available in BeyondPod can be found in our Feature List page.

BeyondPod works on Smartphone and Pocket PC devices running Windows Mobile 5 or 6 such as T-Mobile Dash, Motorola Q (with MOL3 update) , Samsung BlackJack etc. For older Windows Mobile 5 devices, some features require the device to have AKU 2 or later installed. BeyondPod requires Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 2.0. (You can download the compact framework from The Compact framework comes already installed on all Windows Mobile 6 devices.
BeyondPod requires an internet connection to download RSS feeds and podcasts. If you don't have a data plan you can still use the podcast player functionality built in BeyondPod.

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