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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

RaceChrono v1.30

RaceChrono is a data logging software for all kinds of sports.

It runs on Windows Mobile smart phones and uses position data from your GPS receiver to determine lap times and performance.

RaceChrono is developed by a team of Finnish sports enthusiasts who have made their careers in the IT-business. RaceChrono is currently a hobby project for it's authors.

We have successfully used RaceChrono with all kinds of bikes, cars and water jets. After you have downloaded the needed track profile from our library, the safe and waterproof installation of your Mobile phone and GPS receiver is the trickiest task, as RaceChrono team members have found out. Most of the tracks we have in our tracks library are from other RaceChrono users. We hope that someday our library will contain most common tracks from all over the world.

What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]
· Expiration date moved to 31th May 2010
· GPS and OBD time and update rate displays in Live Timer view. GPS time display is perfect for syncing with video, just show the phone screen to the camera after starting the session.
· All OBD-II channels now exported with the CSV format
· Disk sizes now reported in kB/MB/GB. Low storage notice on session view now shows storage space left
· Removed the background map from Live Timer in Big Gauge mode
· Now also Symbian version comes with a example session and track
· All error messages now need press of OK button
· User interface tweaks and help texts
· Removed ‘map only’ mode from graphs to simplify the user interface.
· Support for Windows Mobile internal GPS
· Fixed All: Export files are now saved to selected storage. They were wrongfully saved to same memory with the session.
· Fixed All: Performance testing: Navi text did not update in Runs view and could not change the run with shift-left/right keys
· Fixed All: Could not select multiple sessions with shift in Previous Sessions view
· Fixed All: Visible line feed characters from editor items
· Fixed All: Broken Danas I2M export
· Fixed All: Now displays MAC address if Bluetooth Name was not resolved
· Fixed All: Possible loss of whole session, if loss of power while recording
· Fixed All: Various minor user interface fixes.
· Fixed Symbian: Middle softkey removed from E90’s big screen
· Fixed Symbian: Text entry problem with E71
· Fixed Symbian: Wrong text entry mode sometimes displayed
· Fixed Windows: CSV export with Semicolumn+comma separators had dot instead of a comma as decimal separator
· Fixed Windows: Line feeds omited from most text input
· Fixed Windows Mobile: Better error message, if device is not using Microsoft Bluetooth Stack
· Fixed Windows Mobile Standard: Too big font made smaller now
· Fixed Windows Desktop: COM-ports can be now selected up to COM99

* Smartphone Windows Mobile 5.0
* Smartphone Windows Mobile 6.0

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