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Sunday, July 12, 2009

NewsMix v2.02 for Smartphone

Get your News Fix with NewsMix.

Get the latest breaking stories and entertainment news with NewsMix for your Windows Mobile Smartphone.

Personalize your news feeds and bring the latest stories right to your mobile device for convenient reading at any time.

Best of all... it's absolutely FREE.

NewsMix is ideal for those moments when you have a little downtime (waiting for the next train, bus, taxi...) to let you catch up on the latest sports scores, news, movie reviews, and more.

NewsMix requires the use of your data connection to download the latest news listings and articles as well as sponsored advertising images. You are responsible for any charges incurred from the use of data in conjunction with NewsMix. Please confirm with your wireless carrier as to the limitations and/or cost of using data on your wireless device. NewsMix is an Ad-enabled application that records when you have acted on Ad (such as Show Ad, or Click to Call), but it will not relay any identifying information about you to the advertiser.

What's New in NewsMix Version 2

* New AutoSync feature!
The AutoSync feature allows the user to setup specific times for the news reader to sync automatically. For example, you can setup AutoSync for 7:00 AM and you’ll have the latest news on your device when you take the subway for work.

Synchronization is automatic when you sync with ActiveSync (or Mobile Device Center) or connect to a WiFi network. You’re always up to date without having to worry about anything.

This is now enabled by default and set to synchronize daily at 7 AM.

It is recommended to have a unlimited data plan in order to use this feature. The AutoSync on USB/WiFi connection is enabled as well. You may disable the AutoSync feature if you wish from the NewsMix settings menu.

* New news feeds catalog!
The feed catalogue makes it extremely easy for you to adjust the news reading experience to fit your needs and interest better. Choose from a large number of feeds which are categorized by topic and add them with only a few clicks. The unique feature of this list is that it's generated dynamically based on the most used feeds.

* Smartphone Windows Mobile 5.0
* Smartphone Windows Mobile 6.0

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