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Friday, April 24, 2009

PhoneLog v1.7.3

PhoneLog is a simple Windows Mobile application that logs all missed and placed phone calls to your calendar with the call duration.

Localization Support (future use only, not available yet)
I currently do not have any easy way to change the language or wording using for the calendar entries, however with a registry editor you can do it yourself. To setup another language (or change the default) follow these steps:
1. Open/create HKLM\SOFTWARE\Infinityball\PhoneLog\Localization\ key.
2. Create a string value in the Localization key named "Lang", set that value to whatever language, the default is "en".
3. Create a registry key with the same name of the value set on the Lang string value, so in the example above it would be named "en".
4. Create string values in the key created in step 3 using the values below:

Subject of a finished call:
Key: "CallTo"
Default: "Talked to "

Body of a finished call:
Key: "CallFrom"
Default: "From: "

Key: "CallStarted"
Default: "Started: "

Key: "CallEnded"
Default: "Ended: "

Key: "CallDuration"
Default: "Duration: "

Key: "CallSeconds"
Default: " seconds"

Key: "CallMinutes"
Default: " minutes" Subject of a missed call:
Key: "MissedCall"
Default: "Missed call from "

Body of a missed call:
Key: "MissedCallFrom"
Default: "From: "

Subject of a text message:
Key: "SMSFrom"
Default: "Text message from "

5. You can setup multiple language keys (ie "en", "es", etc) and change the Lang string value to whatever language you want to use.

* Smartphone Windows Mobile 6
* .Net CF v3.5

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