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Friday, April 24, 2009

Locify v1.5.1

Locify is a mobile application containing many location services, for free and available for most phones. It also contains useful features like maps, navigation, place and route recording.

With Locify you can explore interesting places near you from Wikipedia, seek for geocaches, display map where you are (or you want to go), twitter your location, save interesting places from phone or web sync them and even navigate to them... and much more.

With Locify you can explore interesting places near you from Wikipedia, seek for geocaches, display map where you are (or you want to go), twitter your location, save interesting places from phone or web sync them and even navigate to them... and much more.

Locify is free application for common mobile phone. It can use phone's internal GPS or connected bluetooth GPS and is fairly usable even without any GPS device.

Think about Locify as a mobile web browser which can obtain user's location easily.
* build mobile application just with valid XHTML
* use built in functions (maps, navigation, routes and places, ...)
* completelly free (development, distribution, usage)
* more in documentation

New in version 1.5:
* Offline maps compatible with TrekBuddy! Read more
* Possibility of playing sounds and vibrating on webpage
* Possibility of accessing phone's contacts
* See full changelog


Released: 20 April 2009
* Geocaching service: Complete offline downloads (including listing, logs, hint, waypoints etc.)
* Geocaching service: HTML listings (support for links, images and basic formatting in listings)
* Blackberry fix - previous version was unusable on Blackberry
* Saving route fixes
* New advanced setting for map - offline map loading can be faster on some phones now
* Support for Mercator(Google Maps) in offline maps
* Exit confirmation
* Other minor bugfixes

Released: 6 April 2009
* Offline maps! We are compatible with TrekBuddy format, read more.
* New arrow on map indicating direction of movement
* Zooming on map with nice effect
* Help for GPS icons while firstly connecting GPS
* Advanced maps settings - cache size and performance tweeks
* Imperial units support
* Speed optimizations for maps and HTTP connection
* For developers: NetworkLink support! Now is easy to create interactive GPS game!
* For developers: Possibility to play sounds and vibrate using just XHTML
* For developers: Possibility of accessing phone's contacts using just XHTML
* For developers: KMLs now supporting icons on map
* Lot of other fine-tuning and bug fixes

Released: 12 February 2009
* Satellite screen - shows strength and location of sattelites
* Possibility of uploading files (photos, videos, places, routes, ...) from Locify to web service
* Possibility to send SMS from Locify
* New version for HTC devices with big display - much bigger fonts
* Autologin in login screen
* Icons in service list
* Speed and memory consumption optimization in maps and routes
* Lot of other fine-tuning and bug fixes

0.9 beta
Released: 9 December 2008
* Redesign of main screen - internal functions are better accessible
* Saving places of interest without need of installing service Locations
* New navigation screen
* Altitude graphs in route recording
* Autoinstall of preinstalled services after first run
* Services looks better - developers can use new custom item and variable $location[source]
* Bluetooth GPS stability improvements
* On Nokia Series 60 it's possible to acquire location from GSM (via cell id)
* Maps and route recording speed optimizations
* Viewing routes on the web
* Lot of other fine-tuning and bug fixes

0.8.5 beta
Released: 21 October 2008
* Offline Route Recording
* Routes management, service can send a route
* Navigation along the route
* Viewing route on the maps
* Map UI improvements - scale, better zooming, stylus support
* Better "first run" - advises how to set up permissions and root folder
* New possibilities for developers - read more
* More user-friendly installation for Windows Mobile - read more
* Better support for BlackBerry - read more
* New services: Zvents, Upcoming
* Bluetooth reconnecting fix
* Design improvements and other fine-tuning

0.8 beta
Released: 4 September 2008
* Full-feature maps support with zoom, moving. Map providers: Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Live and Open Street Maps.
* Setting your location by GPS, saved point, coordinates or address (geocoding)
* Kalman filter for smoothing of GPS data.
* Redesigned menu with easier access to all items
* Saving points to Nokia Landmarks and possibility of using them in Nokia Maps.
* Autodetection of GPS device, GPS devices which phone does not support are not listed.
* List of supported phones on web
* New services: Eventful, Opencaching, Panoramio
* Better error handling
* Lot of fixes and fine-tuning

0.7.2 beta
Released: 13 August 2008
* Locify application translated into Czech and Slovenian! Web is translated partially to Czech. Anyone can help us translate or add new language - read more
* Support for Sony Ericcson HGE-100 GPS
* Filesystem browser now shows name of waypoints and you can sort waypoints according to distance from your position
* Autologin possibility in settings - when turned on, login to service or Locify is done automatically (in case of saved password)
* You can update service in menu - it will update cached screens.
* Some bugfixes and finetuning

0.7.1 beta
Released: 25 July 2008
* Windows Mobile support - you can run Locify on your PDA and use internal or Bluetooth GPS!
* Nicer alerts
* Better usability - Back is always at right command, under left command is always link to main screen
* Optimalizations for BlackBerry
* In inputing root directory screen, all possible root directories are visible
* Locify version is always sent in user-agent string
* Few bugfixes

0.7 beta
Released: 11 July 2008
* Filesystem support - saving waypoints locally in KML format
* Navigation to locally saved points
* All data are now saved on the memory card
* Synchronizing KMLs with our server
* Usage without GPS - you can acquire coordinates to form from saved waypoints
* New sample services like Wikipedia, Geocaching, SimpleTrack or Fireeagle
* Many bugfixes

0.6.2 beta
Released: 21 May 2008
* Simple automatic sending of position
* More user-friendly inputing coordinates into form
* Some minor bugfixes

0.6 beta
Released: 13 May 2008
* Brand new design using J2ME Polish
* Internal browser support - learn more
* User can add shortcuts to various functions of Locify on the main screen
* Shortcuts can be also defined in JAD file
* Developers can now get client's width and height using variables
* Various bugfixes and minor improvements

0.5 beta
Released: 12 April 2008
* Initial release

* Smartphone Windows Mobile

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