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Thursday, February 5, 2009

RemoteTracker v0.3.2-2

This is an Antitheft software and you can use it to track your Windows Mobile device when it was lost or stolen.

It works catching a formated SMS sent from any phone, MSN, AIM or web sites and then send useful informations back. These informations can have GPS coordinates, list os contacts, owner informations and more.

You can use it to others objectives, like keep your eyes in your child. Use your imagination!

To use all features RemoteTracker has, your device must have GPS and GSM capabilities. If your device does not have a built in GPS receiver, you can get the position based on the Cell Tower it is answering. Please visit OpenCellClient project for more details.

If the thief change your SIM card, you will receive a SMS alerting you and you still can track your device. All you need to do is set an emergency cel number.

RemoteTracker can be added to third part custom ROMs. But, with a hard reset all configurations will be lost. With RTRegCreate tool can create a configuration file using your PC. ROM cookers can use this configuration file to make RT hard reset safe!

This program was tested with Glofish X800 and X500+ with WM6.1 and native .NET 3.5, but you can use it with WM5 or 6. WM2003 and earlier are not supported.

- Smartphone
Windows Mobile 6.x
- Microsoft .net 3.5 Compact Framework

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