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Friday, January 30, 2009

WM GoHome v0.82 (3313)

Locate your snartphone everywhere even if thief has changed the SIM card.

What is WM GoHome?

Have you lost your smart phone? Has it been stolen? Has it GPS module?
You are a happy man, if you have WM GoHome installed there.
You can find it thanks to WM GoHome. WM GoHome will helps you to locate your smartphone via SMS messages, even if the SIM card will be changed.

How it works?

WM GoHome is application works like service. It is waiting for special SMS message that processing depends on the parameters sent in this message. After receiving this message, WMGH (WM GoHome) initialize GPS receiver and sends SMS message with current location, altitude and speed to the phone number, it received the initializaction message from.

WM GoHome is mainly intended for localisation of the device, but it can do much more.

Via special SMS messages you can easy control the remote device. WMGH can start predefined applications, can change the device configuration or send another informations to the predefined phone numbers.

A lot of users asked us 'What happends, if a device will be stolen and thief will change the SIM card?' The answer is: WM GoHome will detect that current SIM card is not authorized and switch itself to the attention mode. In that mode is not possible configure the application anymore, and in this mode will WMGH send the SMS to the athorized Change SIM Tracker with the information about the new SIM phone number. Then it is possible to localise device again.

In details, after installation, application will authorize device and used SIM card with Change SIM Tracker phone number and will configure the application as service. Then is necessary set GPS settings and authorized device trackers. Now, the application is ready to works.

Installation instructions:
1. Download installation package.
2. Unzip CAB file and copy it to the device.
3. Start the installation by click on the CAB file in your device.
4. Install the package to the device, not to the storage card.
5. After successfull installation go to the \Windows directory in your device.
6. Locate file named Wmdghm.exe and click on it. The WM GoHome Settings will be opened.
7. Click on first button for authorization current SIM card.
8. Fill the authorized phone number. It is the phone number of the SIM card currently inserted. The number must be in international format, for example: +43123456789
9. Fill the Change SIM Tracker phone number. It is the nubmber that will receive the SMS message in case the SIM card will be changed.
10. Check if the numbers are correct and press the authorization button. The authorization can take a few seconds.
11. After successfull authorization close the authorization form.
12. Click on the button describet as GPS device and custom setting
13. Fill proper values for GPS device. If you are not sure, try to seek the device automatically and fill the values the seeker wil found.
14. Close the GPS Device settings form
15. Click the button described Permited subscribers list
16. Add the numbers, that can send the command messages to your phone. The numbers must be in international format too.
17. Close the Permited subscribers list form.
18. Press the greyed button to start service. The service will be started after the WM GoHome will be closed.
19. Close application and check if it is working by sending command SMS to yourself. The simpliest command is SMS with body: WMGHM GETLOC If you will receive SMS started GETLOC, the application is started and successfully working.

Known issues

The released version is called Beta. We know about a few issues and errors, that can happends in this release. They are subscribed below. If you happen on another issue or application error, or if you have a good idea how to make the WM GoHome doing better, do not hesitate contact us. We welcome any of yours opinions.

Beta version 0.8

Reported speed is not in Km/h but in knots.

This will be solved in full version by user configuration.

WMGH sends me the location with zero values

1. This can be the cause of the device has no GPS signal. Try to use NOZERO parameter in the WMHG message. Application will wait for first relevant information from GPS receiver and then will report them.
2. Check the setting of the GPS.

Cannot start application configuration.

1. Configuration is not possible start in case the device has been tracked. From the time of last device restart, some authorized tracker requested your location. Restart your device and try to start configuration again.
2. You changed the SIM card. In this case, you have to ask the Change SIM Tracker for authorization of your new SIM card. The Change SIM Tracker has to send the New SIM Authorization Message. (NSAM)

* Smartphone Windows Mobile 6.1 with the GPS support. Without GPS receiver, the device cannot be tracked and localised, but other functionality as Change SIM notification is, will be retained.
* Microsoft Compact Framework 3.5 or higher

More information:
WM GoHome



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