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Friday, February 13, 2009

EveryWAN Remote Support v3.0.15760

EveryWAN Remote Support is a desktop PC application providing helpdesk staff with an ideal and unparalleled solution for real-time, remote user assistance and troubleshooting on any connected device, that they have virtually “in their hands”.

EveryWAN Remote Support is fully integrated with the EveryWAN Server: a specific “RemoteSupport” tunnel can be allocated to selected groups of mobile end-users – as defined in a given EveryWAN server repository – to allow for remote control operations on their devices.

EveryWAN Remote Support can be operated in a distributed environment, making it possible to take simultaneous control over multiple mobile devices connected to different EveryWAN servers.

A free version of EveryWAN Remote Support is available at no cost, with no time bomb: EveryWAN Remote Support Personal Edition only works over ActiveSync (tethered or via Bluetooth).

Key Features:
- Real Time Remote Support
- Task manager
- File transfer
- Batch install
- Screen capture
- Shared annotation
- System information
- Registry editor
- Voice over IP
- Skin support

* Pocket PC Windows Mobile

More information:
EveryWAN Remote Support


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