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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

acbTaskMan v1.4.1 Lite version

acbTaskMan for Smartphone is a full-featured program and task manager for Windows Smartphone devices.

No longer do you have to guess which program is consuming your available memory or making your mobile device run slowly. With acbTaskMan, you can list all running windows (visible programs) and tasks (background/invisible programs) along with the percentage of processor (CPU) time and memory (KB) being used by each.

There are six selectable panels, which can be resized and place in either the top or bottom position:
* Process Table - Lists information about the running processes and tasks.
* Module Table - Lists information about the modules (libraries) used by processes and tasks.
* CPU Chart - Plots total CPU and CPU used by selected process.
* Power Chart - Plots power used by device.
* Network Chart - Plots network traffic.
* System Summary - Presents overview of system status.

Version Comparison

acbTaskMan - Lt (Free)
* List running tasks / process
* Close processes, kill tasks
* List loaded modules
* Chart total CPU usage
* Chart power usage
* Chart network traffic

acbTaskMan - Registered ($7.95)
* Show CPU, current memory, and max. memory usage for each process
* Chart CPU usage of individual process
* Log network traffic statistics to file (TCP and UDP packets sent and received)
* Subtract CPU usage of single process from total (can help isolate issues)
* Filter modules by selected process
* Filter processes by selected module
* Eliminates splash screen

* Smartphone Windows Mobile

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