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Monday, June 16, 2008

UPX4SP v0.1.3 for Smartphone

UPX4SP is an application for you to compress & optimize EXE/DLL files.

Programs that are compressed using UPX do not need UPX to be present in order to run. The decompressor is placed on the front of the file, so an additional unpacker is not required when running the compressed programs.

Installation Notes
1. Download the CAB file and transfer it to your device. Do not open the CAB file as if it is a ZIP file.
2. On your device, launch your file explorer and locate the CAB file.
3. Tap on the CAB file to start installation.

Usage Notes
1. Go to File=>Add File to add an EXE/DLL file to the list.
2. Go to File=>Clear to clear the whole list.
3. Go to File=>Delete File to remove the selected file from the list.
4. You can select the relevant options from Menu=>Options.
5. Go to Menu=>Start to start compressing/decompressing all the files in the list.
6. The new file size will also be reported in the list.

Other Notes
* UPX is quite unstable on Sevo P809.
* Unicode filenames are not supported.
* Screen rotation on-the-fly while application is running is not supported, e.g. in HTC Vox.
* If the compression of large files stops within 5 seconds, it may be because there is not enough Storage and Program Memory for the compression process.
* Do note that compressing large files may take a very long time using maximum (slowest) compression option.
* Compressing large file or many files can be very resource and processor intensive.
* It is strongly recommended to use the desktop version for compressing large files using maximum compression
* Some programs may not work properly after compressing the EXE/DLL files, so do test slowly.
* It takes about 1 minute to compress a 2.7MB file and about 3 minutes to compress a 4.2MB file.
* The total time taken is exponential with respect to the total file size.

Revision History

* Version 0.1.3 (15th June 2008)
o Packaged with UPX version 3.03.
o Minor optimization.

* Version 0.1.2 (27th October 2007)
o Packaged with UPX version 3.01.
o Supports all screen resolutions and orientations.
o Supports screen rotation on-the-fly.
o Minor fixes.

* Version 0.1.1 (10th May 2007)
o Packaged with UPX version 3.00.

* Version 0.1 (7th April 2007)
o First Release.

- tGetFile.dll
- Smartphone Windows Mobile 2003
- Smartphone Windows Mobile 5.0
- Smartphone Windows Mobile 6.0

More information:

Download UPX4SP v0.1.3
Download UPX Engine v3.02

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