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Friday, June 13, 2008

Mobile Football

MobileFootball is a mobile application that allows you to follow live everything that's going on regarding the European Football Championship.

With Mobile Football you can access, through your mobile phone or pda, detailed information about each team, results and scores, match schedules and much more...

Besides allowing you total mobility by using this application virtually everywhere, it has the advantage of being very simple and intuitive, making it acessible not only to sport enthusiasts but also to every one that wants to follow closely on his favorite team!

The NoShape concept allows a team to be created by a user and then he or she can invite 4 friends. all 5 members will be allowed to bet on match results, accumulating points, depending on the real scores obtained by the real teams.

As we know, every football fan's dream is to step on the field and be amongst the best. With Mobile Football you can create your own Mini Liga, inviting your friends and betting on match results!

This application was developed for football fans who really value the possibility to have live access, in a simple and structured way, to the contents that most matter to him or her.

With this application, users have access to:
* Game Calendar: know when and where teams are going to play
* Game Results and Scores with frequent updates
* Information about Stadiums and Cities where the matches are being held
* History and Statistics about every team and it's players
* Statistics for every match
* Frequently updated news

Smartphone Windows Mobile 6.0 (Standard)

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