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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Shift v1.06

Shift is a dynamic puzzle game that doesn't require the stylus to play, making it ideal for quick games in the metro or the bus...

Shift v1.06 : Smartphone enhancements
It changes virtually nothing for PocketPC users, but smartphone users should update :
- Bigger smartphone screen size (now hides taskbar)
- Fixed taskbar bug on smartphones
- Rotated keys to work better on 320x240 smartphones
- Added 'Back' key to exit when playing

It is a bit hard to take in hands on the first go, but once you pick it up you just can't stop playing...
The rules are really basic : click on the left, right, upper, or lower part of the screen (or press the direction pad) to have all the blocks who can move in that direction... If you form groups of 3 or more blocks, they'll disappear, etc...

To get huge scores, trying doing combos, not leaving a single round before exploding another group, etc... Easier said than done !

- Smartphone with 240x320 resolution.

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