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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Perpetual v0.3

Perpetual is a simple image zooming demo.
Now works with Smartphones!

You can zoom on any of the 200 images, and the pixels will turn into other images to zoom, perpetually.

What is it for ?
Nothing ! It's just a proof of concept and a demo I made...

Also available :
Perpetual PRP Maker
Sexy Image Pack
Kaiser47's DeviantART selection (really awesome pack !)
Nice little SaintSeya pack
Zen nature pack


- New prp format (old ones should still work though) with additionnal data : author, icon, etc...
- New menu using the new prp format data, looks much better !
- Now saves viewed purcentage !
- Now works with Smartphones !
- Fixed menu bug if you had too many packs
- Much higher image quality while zooming

- Fixed image bug when you have more than 256 images (that was stupid)
- Fixed potential crash when moving around too much
- PerpetualMaker updated, smaller exe
- Improved performance
- Uses only half as much ram now
- New image viewer to select start image
- Now over 300 images !
- New Image Pack maker : just put in any directory, and it'll take all the images from images/ (still requires 240x240 jpeg images) and do a pack (.prp file)
- New splash screen, with possibility to select pack to display !
- Speed button : x0.5, 1, or 2
- Auto button for lazy people
- Surface button to come back to the unzoomed image

- Initial Release
- Miniview

- Smartphone Windows Mobile with 240x320

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