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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Veveo vTap - Web videos at your fingertips

There are hundreds of millions of videos available on the Web today, and millions more are added every week. But try searching, browsing or viewing them on your TV, your mobile, or even your brand new iPhone™. It’s frustrating, if not impossible, simply because most Web video services are desktop based and not designed for the mobile or TV user. And those that do focus on the mobile or TV limit the Web video universe to only a small sliver of what exists.

That’s why we at Veveo™ created vTap—the quick and easy Web video solution that lets you search, browse and pinpoint the exact Web video you’re looking for—from sources all over the Internet—and play it on any supported device! With vTap's unique character-based incremental
search—where results are returned with every character entered—you can perform searches using just a few characters instead of whole keywords. You can download it from It’s so easy, you’ll think it’s reading your mind.

Imagine trying to search for Web videos of "Arnold Schwarzenegger" by using a typical phone keypad. That’s 40 key strokes – talk about a case of thumb fatigue! Now imagine trying to find all the Web videos of the press conference he did recently, as well as movie clips, TV appearances or even satires, as opposed to just text articles. This is the kind of challenge that Veveo solves with vTap™.

- Smartphone WM 5.0
- Smartphone WM 6.0

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