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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

gStart v1.1

A Start Menu replacement for Smartphone SP2003/2003 SE devices similar to the grid-style Start Menu of WM5.0 with more options for customization.

1) Can display your Start Menu items as List or Large Icons.
2) Option to display and customize background images (bmp, gif or jpg). Right now, images on the \Storage\Application Data\Home can be chosen. But, i'm adding the functionality of specifying the directory (especially to include \Storage Card) soon.
3) Option to customize colors.
4) Able to delete and rename shortcuts (except system shortcuts e.g. Contacts, etc. One can use the File Manager for this, depending on the ROM i guess...)
5) Dynamically Create and move Folders
6) Dynamically move Shortcuts between folders
7) Re-order your shortcuts (compatible with Start Menu)

[*] = previous page
[#] = next page
[0] or [Back Key] = up one level (directory tree)
[action] = select
[1-9] = program shortcut for current window

* Smartphone WM 2003 / 2003 SE
* 176x220 and QVGA

More information:

Download gStart:

* Download gStart

Language Pack:
* Download English language pack
* Download Deutshce language pack
* Download Italiano language pack
* Download Nederlands language pack
* Download EspaƱol language pack

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