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Thursday, October 18, 2007

SmartToolkit v1.00 RC05

SmartToolkit is an application for Windows Mobile Smartphones. It adds new functions such as text editing and resolves limitations with resources as well as provides interface improvements!

Bug Fixes:
1. Fix the Deskbar. No more hang when you close the last task. Now is supported WM2003.
2. Fix the AutoKeylock Timing.
3. Fix the On Homescreen General Setting. No more disable option.

New Features:
1. New Clipboard Function. Now it's use the toolbar, more quick in usage.
2. Add Edit File System in Explorer menu. You can copy, cut, paste, paste shortcut or delete your files.
3. Add File Explorer Program. You can browse your folders via explorer menu use your favorites file explorer like Resco Explorer, Smart Explorer, etc. You can change the setting in General control panel.
4. Add My Documents setting on general control panels. Now you can change your default location of Start Menu My Documents folder, and PrintScreen save location.
5. Add Reset Quicklaunch and Reset All Settings on general control panels.

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Smarttoolkit v1.00 RC06

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