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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Smarttoolkit v1.00 RC06

SmartToolkit is an application for Windows Mobile Smartphones. It adds new functions such as text editing and resolves limitations with resources as well as provides interface improvements!

Bug fixes:

* Iconbar (with WM gradient background) showing up when opening the STK Start Menu was fixed.
* Start button not working after reloading the homescreen using the Facade Settings application was fixed.
* The Clipboard function was improved - no more mussy screens.
* The "Close Task" function was fixed after some users reported problems with that.

New features / improvements:

* The gagdet
- It can be opened via two ways: Either press left or right on the taskbar, or press the back key while on the homescreen.
- It contains a system launcher, a system volume control, a profile changer and a "Lock keyboard" function.
- Screenshot:

* Plugins
- You can now program your own plugins. The STK SDK manual will be updated soon, containing more information on this.
- You can now view the Plugins page in fullscreen mode.
- Screenshot:

* Screensaver
- You can now let STK display system information on the screensaver.

* Start Menu
- I've added a "Explore" function to the Start Menu, which allows to explore the folder you're currently in with your preferred file explorer.

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