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Monday, September 10, 2007

Skunkworks FlashVideoBundle v1.2

Playing Youtube Videos on Windows Smartphone

At last a much better way to play them Youtube (and alikes) videos on your WM powered phones … no more fisrt downloading and then watching. You now have direct, unfettered access to Youtube, Google Video & Veoh, in all their glory. Simply install the CABs listed below, go directly to these websites, and click on a video to play. That’s it.

Latest News:
Version 1.2 update posted, see attachment below. This fixes the problem with accessing youtube videos.
Also, note that youtube has started redirecting mobile-client requests to their mobile site, so use the following link to access the full youtube site:

Installation instructions:
1) If you already have TCPMP installed, uninstall it now.
2) Install TCPMP v0.72RC1
3) Install FlashVideoBundle.CAB attached below. This MUST be installed in the same location as TCPMP (Device or Storage Card)
4) Soft-reset

Supported sites:

- Smartphone 2003SE
- Smartphone WM 5.0
- Smartphone WM 6.0

More information:



Skunkworks FlashVideoBundle v1.4.2

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