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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

TCPMP v0.72RC1

TCPMP ('The Core Pocket Media Player' - formerly known as BetaPlayer) is a media player for Windows CE/Windows Mobile devices.

File types and codecs supported include AC3, MP4, AVIs and MP3s, Matroska.

As well as playing movie files at above-acceptable quality, TCPMP also lets you play files backwards, alter the speed of playback, control the brightness and contrast and run tests to check for any instance of de-synchronisation between the audio and video tracks.

This is a reliable alternative to the many more commercial DivX players on the market.


version 0.72RC1
+general equalizer (volume normalization optional)
+mpeg4 gmc and qpel asp features supported (except on mips/sh3)

version 0.71k
+aiff uncompressed audio file support
+asap plugin (
-matroska seeking issue fix
-WinCE: XScale driver resource allocation fix when XScale not used
-WinCE: http listing of non-ascii filenames fix
-WinCE: Treo700w keyboard backlight disabled in fullscreen (second try)

version 0.71j
-asf parser fix
-PalmOS: T|T,T2 48khz samplerate crash fix
-PalmOS: keylock window fix with LCD tweak modes
-WinCE: title scroll fix
-WinCE: WM5 (O2 Atom) memory mapping fix (with XScale driver)
-WinCE: Treo700w keyboard backlight disabled in fullscreen
-WinCE: special hotkeys just warning
-Win32: administrator rights not needed anymore

version 0.71i
+nsv container support (but no vp3/vp6 codec...)
-installer file naming changed
-playlist shuffle mode fix
-buffering fix for very high bitrate movies
-avi audio timing fix with incompatible files
-PalmOS: pixel aspect option in preferences dialog
-WinCE: asf http streaming stream selection
-WinCE: XScale driver fix (for O2 Atom. still needs testing)
-WinCE: fix X50v WM5 black display after power on
-WinCE: telling "go online" to OS before http connection
-WinCE: better handling of special hotkeys (record, menu, green, red phone buttons)
-WinCE: ATI Imageon 3200 "Keep ATI driver active" option (maybe helps with crashes...)
-WinCE: DirectDraw mode fixes (+disabled with some devices...)
-Win32: DirectDraw clipping blit when overlay not available
-Win32: DirectDraw overlay color space option in settings

version 0.71h
+aspect ratio support for mkv files
+avc cqm support
-mkv avc timing fix
-avc bug fixes

version 0.71e (avc plugin only):
-some fixes
-avc weighted prediction support

version 0.71d:
-avc cabac support
-id3 coverart reader fixes
-win32: directdraw double buffered overlay mode

version 0.71c (avc plugin only):
-avc plugin fixes
+avc 8x8 transformation support

version 0.71b:
+avc decoder plugin
+ffmpeg plugin: msvideo1 and cinepak decoder included
-DIV3 decoder artifact fix (from 0.70)
-WinCE: http/mms streaming fix
-suppress cover art decoding error messages

version 0.71a:
-playlist and streaming redirection handling fix
-ogg crash fix
-(m)jpg rare decoder artifact fix (from 0.71)
-WinCE: WMP10 WMA Voice decoder support

* Smartphone Windows Mobile 2003
* Smartphone Windows Mobile 2003 SE
* Smartphone Windows Mobile 5.0

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