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Monday, September 17, 2007

One Touch Organizer (OtO) v0.1a

OtO, or One Touch Organizer, is a Windows Mobile software I started to fill a personal need to be able to add Appointments/Tasks on my Windows Mobile phone without the need of a stylus.
Feeling there is a “need” for this software I decided to make it available for the public.

If you like OtO and feel like telling anyone about it please do not publish the binaries but link to that page.

Thank you

I have to thank
1. Phd48 (I hope to soon replace this by his full name and link) for the graphic work on OtO
2.tene, the author of the great PocketCM, for his tips on how to start OtO
3. xda-developers community for their motivation
4. Of course my wife for …. well for just being here

Known Issues:
A lot for now :)

Change log:
15 September 2007: Version 0.1a
Initial Release

If you have a problem, suggestion or feature request please add it to this thread on xda-developers

Click here to download the latest version of OtO

How to install
Simply Unzip where ever you want

Requirements and Compatibility:
I have just tested it with HTC Touch WM6 and .Net Compact Framework 2.0 waiting for your feedback

More information:


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