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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

btIO for Smartphone

btIO is a simple Bluetooth Mode Switcher that resides in the tray.
It runs on on Pocket PC 2003 or higher and Windows Mobile 5 and 6 based PocketPCs with the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack.

First Smartphone version released on 14.09.2007


Copy the CAB file to your device and double click it.
The program is installed to \Program Files\btIO\btIO.exe and a shortcut in the autostart folder is created.

There are three icons:

Green BT-Icon = Bluetooth is enabled and in discoverable mode
White BT-Icon = Bluetooth is enabled and in connectable (invisible) mode
Red BT-Icon = Bluetooth is disabled

You can switch between connectable and disabled by simply pressing the icon in the tray bar.
When you tap'n'hold the icon a menu apears that lets you set the mode you like, and lets you exit the program.

That's it. Enjoy it, it's freeware.

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