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Monday, July 2, 2007

XnView Pocket v1.0 for Smartphones

Visualize, Organize and Improve your images and photo with XnView Pocket!

Image Formats :
Reading : jpeg / jfif, gif, bmp, png, 2bp, tif, pcx, pbm, pgm, ppm, pnm, psd, tga, ico, crw, cr2, pef, nef, raw.
Writing : jpeg, gif, bmp, tga, png.

Features :
* Display in 5 input modes : Thumbnail, list, detail, Filmstrip et full screen.
* Use of the favourites to simplify and accelerate the navigation through files.
* Display informations, exifs and iptc of images.
* Sorting of images by the name, the date, the type, the size and the definition, the whole in ascending or decreasing order.
* Conversion of images between the different supported formats.
* Resizing of images according to various factors, sizes, and possibility to resize to the screen size in order to obtain the best ratio weight/clearness.
* Screen capture.
* Association of image types with XnView Pocket possible and modifiable.
* Slide Show mode with adjustment of time between the slides, of the background color. The transition effects are also usable in this mode, the display in landscape mode (allowing the display of the images while turning the Pocket PC of 90°, becoming into the screen proportions in adequacy with the proportions.
* Sending of the images by email with change of size and format possible.
* ... and many other functions.

- Windows Smartphone 2003
- Windows Mobile 5
- Windows Mobile 6

More information:

.CAB for Smartphone 2003
.CAB for Smartphone 5.0/6.0

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