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Monday, July 2, 2007

Hard Reset .NET

Hard reset Smartphone using 1 button click. File is independent of Clear Storage utility which comes only to Orange handsets.

A hard reset process will revert Smartphone settings back to factory default. All informations stored on the phone’s internal memory (\Storage) will be erased. To cite few examples…System settings, Inbox messages, phonebook entries, homescreens, programs installed, registry keys/ tweaks, etc. You may need to backup contacts and other important files before a doing a hard reset.

A network-unlocked phone (openline) will remain network-unlocked after a hard reset. An application-unlocked phone will not retain its unlocked/ decertified state though.

There are several ways to do a hard reset. The conventional way is through hardware/button combinations ak.a. the manual method. Another way is using a standalone file. Orange handsets for instance are pre-installed with a ‘Clear Storage’ utility. You can also use PC-based utilities able to hard reset the Smartphone.

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