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Monday, March 1, 2010

Export-Studio v4.0

This application is a very useful free alternative to those expensive Contact backup applications. It will backup/export your Contacts and SMS.

This program includes:
* A super-simple, lightweight GUI
* The Ability to backup Contacts and SMS
* Three modes of exporting: TXT and CSV and VCF
* A comand-line based version of the GUI program

To Install:
* Simply download the CAB file, and install it
* Then navigate to Start Menu > CycloneApps > ExportStudio
* and voila!

To use:
* First, run the app and you will see 3 areas : What you want to output, the output format, and the folder to write to.
* Select what you want to ouput
* Make sure to ONLY PUT THE FOLDER in the folder text box, or you will get errors or weird results...
* Once set up, click export, and the application will do its thing!
* If you want to use the command-line feature, then just run the same EXE as for the GUI with parameters afterwards (see documentation)

* While the CSV format can be opened in Excel or the likes, I find that the TXT format is more organized.

Known Bugs/Issues:
* There may be some slight errors in the CSV file (this is tested with OpenOffice on Windows Vista).
* None others... YAY

* Smartphone Windows Mobile 5.0
* Windows Mobile Standard

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