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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

CycloneSender - AutoSend v3.5

Basically, what this program does is allow you to program in set Dates and Times for SMS/TXT Messages to be sent.

You can program events (with the application) up to 4 years in the future, down to the minute!

This program includes:
* A Simple, Easy to Use GUI
* Decent RAM/CPU Usage (there is always room for improvement)
* An effective automating system (no need to monitor)
* IT IS TOTALLY FREE (well, Donations are accepted )

To Install:
1. Simply download the attached .cab file and place it on your phone.
2. Run the .cab file and that is it.

To Use:
* In the Start Menu, there is a new folder for my applications, navigate to that and there are two links
* "CycloneSender" will run the actual application.
* "Check for New" will run the automated portion of this app and check to see if there are pending events for the day, and if so, it will take the necessary actions.

* When you EXIT the main application, the automated portion of the app is run (so that newly programmed events can be parsed)
* This program is accurate to the MINUTE, therefore if you set a message for 17:00 (Yes, it is in 24-hour mode), and the automated portion runs at 16:55:33, then the text message will be sent at 17:00:33 (Implementation for accuracy to the second may be included in newer released)

Known Bugs/Issues:
* Unknown Results occur when two messages are scheduled for the EXACT SAME TIME [I will test this out]
* When you add a recipient, you cannot delete it (will be fixed soon)

* Windows Mobile Smartphone 5.0
* Windows Mobile Standard

More information:
CycloneSender - AutoSend


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