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Monday, February 15, 2010

SMath Studio v0.87

SMath Studio is a math program with "paper"-like interface. It has an ability to work with systems, matrices, vectors, complex numbers, infinities and fractions.

Support of the following operations and functions:
- Addition, subtraction, multiplication (scalar and vector), division, finding of factorial, raising to power, roots, determination of modules, trigonometric functions, inverse trigonometric functions, hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic functions, logarithms, determination of signature, calculation of an argument, determinants of matrices, transposition of matrices and vectors, minors of matrices, algebraic additions to matrices, calculations of matrix trace, ranking, conversion of complex numbers from algebraic to trigonometric form.
- Display of 2D and 3D graphs of functions for variable "x".
- Symbolic and numeric differentiation (derivatives) are available.
- Support of parameters (constants and user-defined parameters).
- Automatic saving of user's preferences while exiting the program.
- etc...

Interface languages (18 languages):
# [ENG] English / English
# [GER] German / Deutsch
# [DUT] Dutch / Nederlands
# [SPA] Spanish / Español
# [FRE] French / Français
# [POR] Portuguese / Português
# [CPP] Portuguese (Brazil) / Brazil (Português)
# [SCR] Croatian / Hrvatski
# [SCC] Serbian / Srpski
# [GRE] Greek / Ελληνικά
# [CZE] Czech / Čeština
# [HUN] Hungarian / Magyar
# [ITA] Italian / Italiano
# [POL] Polish / Polski
# [RUS] Russian / Русский
# [BUL] Bulgarian / Български
# [LTH] Lithuanian / Lietuvių
# [UKR] Ukrain / Українська

Last changes:
* Every page now has its own thread for evaluation - user could evaluate pages even if evaluation of one of them in progress;
* Multi-threading implemented for the Plot Controls;
* Added ability to convert English symbols of the Math and Text Controls to the Greek characters with a Ctrl+G keystroke;
* Ctrl+1 (insert transpose(..) function), Ctrl+3 (insert boolean Not Equal operator), Ctrl+8 (insert Vector Multiplication operator), Ctrl+9 (insert boolean Smaller or Equal operator), Ctrl+0 (insert boolean Greater or Equal operator), Ctrl+= (insert boolean Equal operator) shortcuts added;
* New functions implemented: eval(..), polyroots(..), reverse(..), sort(..), rsort(..), csort(..), normi(..), norm1(..), norme(..), linterp(..), cinterp(..) and ainterp(..);
* Desktop: "Align horizontally" and "Align vertically" action buttons added to the Toolbar;
* Ability to work with partitioned matrices implemented. Can be used as nested arrays;
* Program now illuminates math expression that in evaluation by light-green rectangle;
* Desktop: Added interface ability to change language of the Text Control with a Context menu;
* Desktop: Added Tooltips for the multi-language Text Controls;
* File Properties Dialog ("File" >> "Properties...") added;
* Examples Dialog ("Help" >> "Examples...") added;
* Page Up/Page Down/Home/End buttons handlers implemented;
* Ctrl/Shift/Ctrl+Shift + Left/Right functionality implemented for the Text Controls;
* Added ability to separately change axis scale factor on 2D graphs using Ctrl/Shift + Mouse Wheel;
* Added ability to horizontally scroll the page with a Mouse Wheel when Shift button pressed;
* Added ability to work with single-index structures (vectors) using only one index instead of two;
* Added ability to differentiate expressions by single-indexed variables;
* Added ability to work with Vectors and Matrices like dynamic arrays;
* Added support for Infinity into Symbolic Library;
* Now on program Language changing language of the opened files changed as well (if these files are translated);
* Not active menu items are now disabled;
* Disable/Enable Evaluation menuitem added to the main menu;
* Functions for(..) and while(..) condition evaluating improved;
* About Dialogs (Handheld & Desktop) improved to be able to correctly show long strings of information;
* Added ability to show error message if Empty Operator is into the math equation (Symbolic Library);
* Function if(..) can be used in symbolic calculations now;
* Native boolean Equal, boolean Not Equal, boolean Less Than, boolean Less Than or Equal, boolean Greater Than and boolean Greater Than or Equal operators implemented into Symbolic Library;
* Native support of functions added: abs(..), trunc(..), mod(..), round(..) in Symbolic Library;
* Composition of Logarithms simplification added into Symbolic Library;
* Desktop: Evaluation time counter (in Status Bar) improvements;
* Insert Function operation improved. Now it automatically corrects cursor position after performing the insert;
* Vector and Matrix element definition speed improved;
* Global calculation options stored into the page-files now;
* Handheld: Button 'mod' from the Functions Panel replaced with 'el';
* Couple of Math Referense Book improvements;
* Danish translation added;
* Italian translation updated;
* Fixed issue with Text Control, when user could set wrong line brake;
* Fixed wrong error displaying when working with indeces;
* Couple of fixes done regarding of matrices of single element;
* Fixed multithreading Critical Error Exception on evaluation;
* Fixed calculation errors in Symbolic Library: "{2*z}/5+{3*z}/5=1", "(el(x;1)/{el(x;2)^2})";
* Fixed Stack Overflow Exception when working with el(..) function that has undifined parameters as indeces (Symbolic Library);
* Fixed issue when user is able to write complex expression into the diff(..), sum(..) and product(..) function's variable;
* Fixed issue when it was possible to move Controls while evaluating;
* Fixed result displaying error when number is too big or too small (Symbolic Library);
* Work with wrong attributed submatrix(..) function fixed in Symbolic Library;
* Desktop: Denied to show ToolTips for the Math Controls if the equations inside are too large;
* Desktop: Fixed issue when bordered controls has no border on print out;
* Desktop: Fixed issue with copying on-page-Controls instead of moving;
* Desktop: Fixed critical error occurs on program closing if evaluation in progress;
* Fixed infinite loop error with examples like: "diff(-unnamed(x);x)";
* Fixed calculation error with trunc(..) function. It happens when number is more then maximum Integer;
* Fixed wrong error displaying when defining the user functions that can't be calculate without definition of function's arguments (f.e.: "f(x):=eval(x)");
* Select All action fixed for the Text Controls;
* Fixed error when defined into the loop variable not visible afterwards;
* Fixed couple of issues with unnecessary recalculations;
* Fixed issue when all graphs has Blue color if they plotted by dots;
* Fixed issue when graphs notifies about error previously occur;
* PayPal donation information removed from all program versions;
* Code optimization.

* Smartphone Windows Mobile 5.0
* Smartphone Windows Mobile 6.x
* Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 2.0

More information:
SMath Studio v0.87

CAB File, to install from the device
EXE File, to install from the PC

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