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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fonebook v2.6

Fonebook is used to transfer contacts from Facebook™ to Outlook®. If your phone then supports Outlook® synchronization you should be able to have your contacts photos on your phone when they call you!

This application works with both Outlook® 2003 and 2007. It is also know to work with most modern Nokias and all Windows® Smartphones/PDAs.

The application currently copies a contacts photo, profile web address, about me details, status details and if you are using Outlook® 2007 their birthday.

This is the latest versions with loads of new features including:-
* Issues with large friends list fixed
* Ability to exclude friends from synchronization
* Create Outlook contacts from friends (no phone numbers/emails!)
* Schedule synchronizations
* Handles multiple outlook address books
* Remembers who you are so you only have to login once!
* Added a pretty update screen
* loads of other little tweaks including the removal of advertisement.

This is the second release and it works for both Outlook® 2007 and 2003. Please note you need to have .net 3 installed (this is differant than last time - Vista users have .net 3 installed by default, most XP users will probably have to download this) and must have .net programmability support enabled if you are using Outlook 2003 (see the FAQ for details on how to do this).

What's new

Version 2.6
* Fixed a few issues with 2.5

Version 2.5
* Correct Outlook misspellings on manual contact matching
* Clever filtering of friends based on friends lists
* Able to maximize Fonebook now
* Matching foreign or non-ASCII characters with their local/ASCII equivalent
* Handle middle names
* Able to unmap all mapped contacts
* Ands loads of other little tweaks!

Version 2.1
* Fixed issues on startup for some users
* Pro users can now import all unmatched contacts
* Pro users can retrieve your own pictures
* Regular users can once again add in contacts 1 by 1
* You can now choose which URL you would like to sync
* Picture qualities is now adjustable

Version 2.0
* Full size images!!!
* Company information, Address included in the sync
* Information is never overridden (about me now appends!)
* Select from multiple outlook profiles (Not just the default profile)
* Friends list information is now downloaded as a category
* Integrated messaging system so you can suggest new features easier
* Birthday reminders set to 3.5 days
* Implemented Click Once install to ensure you always have the latest version

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